Jihlava HSR Terminal

The site is situated at the crossroads of key infrastructure elements near the town of Jihlava, in the picturesque Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. Together, the proposed terminal, viaduct and 200m long bridge over the D1 motorway enter the landscape with respect, enriching it with a man-made feature that is however designed to occupy the smallest possible area. The efficiency of the design in entering the landscape was a key element of our approach and the resulting compact integration of all transport modes in the terminal offers the advantage of short interchanges.

The elongated linear form of the 400m long platform canopy is architecturally matched by the vertical lines of the four pylons of the suspension bridge over the D1 motorway. Together these elements create a strong yet sensitive composition that complements the morphology of the local landscape.

The linear structure of the HSR connects the suspension bridge over the motorway with the multimodal terminal, creating a harmonious architectural whole that becomes a new landmark in the wider area. The base of the car park under the terminal integrates all the necessary functions and complements the open spaces under the line, restoring and preserving the surrounding landscape to the greatest extent possible.

Location Jihlava, Czech Republic

Client SŽ (správa železnic a.s.)

Project Architectural competition (jury’s award)

Date 01/2024

Authors Pavel Fajfr, Petr Šuma, Vitudanish Dara, Ondřej Hamršmíd, Ladislav Vala, Felix Exton-Smith, Julia Karasinska-Sochacki

Cooperation HR Design, ARUP, AgileCE

Visualisations Boele, 2DR