Chomutov Library

The submitted proposal for the conversion of a former municipal spa building into the library is an opportunity to create a unique building that addresses the greatest (not only architectural) challenges of our time – reusing the existing values of our historical heritage and minimizing the impact of new buildings on the environment.

In the design, we rediscover the architectural qualities of existing building and reveal them to visitors in their full glory. The iconic space of the high swimming pool hall with its views of the adjacent park and center of Chomutov city has been preserved and transformed by new wooden structure into a library with a remarkable atmosphere.

The volume of the building remains unchanged, saving both public funds and the environment. The skeletal reinforced concrete structure is cleaned up and occasional structural interventions are used to open up impressive entrance spaces in the building, both from the center and from the city park. The renovated glass facades promote the community programme of the building and the new entrances open the interior to the public space, helping to integrate the library into the fabric of Chomutov’s city center.

The conversion of the former city spa building into a 21st-century library is, as the name suggests, a reflection of the evolution of architecture and society today. The proposed renovations bring this abandoned building back to life and open it up to the city’s inhabitants for today’s and future generations.

Location Chomutov, Czech Republic

Client city of Chomutov

Project Architectural competition (1st place)

Date 01/2023

Authors Pavel Fajfr, Petr Šuma, Vitudanish Dara, Andrea Velasco Lobato

Cooperation Jan Seifert (Konstat), Petr Šafář (TP3)

Visualisations Boele, 2dr