Kladno Housing

Kladno is widely known as the city of steel, mining and dirty industry. Less well known is the fact that it is also a city with a well-preserved historic centre, including the typical red hipped roofs. Or also a city with modernist tower blocks designed by architect Josef Havlíček. It is also a developing city, a city of new opportunities with excellent accessibility to the capital city of Prague and a growing community of young families who are not only looking for a cheaper housing alternative, but especially for a place to live.

With the presented proposal we aim not only at designing houses for living, but also at finding the right identity for the location. Paradoxically, the historically neglected land is in perfect contact with the station building and its forecourt area. We propose to exploit this potential to the fullest and present the Kladno site as a publicly accessible development with intimately designed community spaces of distinctive visual appeal using recycled materials from the original brownfield site.

The collection of buildings is thus a mosaic of architectural solutions that are tied together by the materials used and the urban layout into a common structure.


Location Kladno, Czech Republic

Client JRD 3, s.r.o.

Project Architectural and urban design competition

Date 07/2023

Authors Pavel Fajfr, Petr Šuma, Jiří Petrželka, Vojtěch Čepelák, Alexandr Chrapek, Zhadyra Shapatova

Cooperation L&Scape

Visualisations Boele, 2DR