Roudnice nad Labem HSR Terminal

HSR terminal is a part of the overarching landscape design in this historically significant area. The unique morphology of the area with the dominant Mount Říp defines the material design of the Terminal and the adjacent surroundings. We respect the genius loci of the site and highlight its main qualities through urban, architectural and detailed design.

The route of the motorway and the future route of the high-speed railway creates significant lines in the landscape and defines the design. We use the lines to design a new forest that will block out the negative impacts of transport developments on its surroundings. The new HSR Terminal, surrounding areas and maintenance base are placed in the new forest within the system of lines and significant sight lines directed towards Mount Říp.

The main motive for the location and design orientation of the Terminal is the view axis directed to the Mountain Říp. As a dominant landscape element in the area, it also defines its visual identity. The main hall of the Terminal is thus directly oriented towards Říp with its glass façade above the tracks, offering passengers an unambiguous geographical orientation and a reference to the history of the place.

The terminal and its surroundings are designed with the utmost respect for its surroundings, part of the landscape design and significant infrastructure construction. Space-efficient, energy-efficient and with a timeless modern architecture that should visually connect all the stations of the high-speed railway.


Roudnice nad Labem, Czech Republic


SŽ (správa železnic a.s.)


Architectural competition (jury’s award)




Prague based