Sofia Footbridge

The proposed connection creates a seamless pedestrian and cycle experience, connecting both parts of Sofia South park, while minimising the impact on the park resulting from the construction of the new bridge.

We are achieving the first objective with an elegant long curvilinear bridge with a comfortable slope that slowly climbs up and bridges over the required clearance above the Byala Cherkva road, from where it descends with a similar steady slope on the other side. The latter objective is achieved with its organic form, avoiding areas with a high density of trees, and with a lightweight structural system based on glulam timber, that doesn’t require heavy machinery for the installation on site.


Location Sofia, Bulgaria

Client city of Sofia

Project Architectural competition (1st place)

Date 10/2022

Authors Petr Šuma, Pavel Fajfr, Alex Desov (spoluautor)

Cooperation Julia Karasinska (Buro Happold), Vitudanish Dara

Visualisations 2Dr studio, Petr Kousal