Prague Railway Bridge

Prague’s bridges over the Vltava River are traditionally arched, with the structure under the bridge deck. The railway bridge was for many years the only exception to the rule, with a slender bridge deck and a structure above the bridge deck. After more than 100 years of operation, the bridge is in a substandard condition and thus unable to perform its function for rail traffic. The bridge is an important cultural monument and belongs inseparably to Prague’s panorama, the embankment’s atmosphere, and the hearts of Prague citizens. We, therefore, propose a railway bridge for the people of Prague and Prague city. Historic structures are repaired and reconfigured for pedestrian and cycling traffic, while rail traffic is carried over the Vltava River by new bridges, designed using contemporary methods and taking full advantage of state-of-the-art innovations. In their simplicity, the new railway bridges work in harmony with the historic structures, not competing with, them but enhancing the historical and cultural value of the original bridge. Preserving and reusing historic structures is not only responsible for our cultural heritage but also sets an example in terms of sustainability.

Location Prague, Czech Republic

Client capital city of Prague

Projekt Architectural competition

Date 10/2021

Cooperation Pragoprojekt, Tubes

Visualisations Boele, Prague Based