Pelhřimov Sporthotel

The revitalized stadium, the proposed sport-hotel, and the adjacent public spaces create a new, vibrant heart of the Pelhřimov sports complex.

The mass of connected buildings divides and initiates the public spaces in the vicinity – from the north, green, busy parking for visitors, from the west, a capacious staircase with distraction areas, and from the south, a quieter hotel vestibule with activities for children. Both buildings share a new identity, even though they are two buildings with their specifics reflecting their internal operations.

Both the stadium and the sport-hotel positively affect their immediate surroundings, and we approach them as an initiation project to make the area more attractive for the city’s citizens and other visitors.

Location Pelhřimov, Czech Republic

Client city of Pelhřimov

Project Architectural competition (1st place)

Date 09/2022

Authors Pavel Fajfr, Petr Šuma, Vitudanish Dara

Visualisations Boele, 2dr studio