Správa Železnic Headquarters

Správa Železnic headquarters is future dominant for one of the fastest developing city districts of Prague. It is state owned property which goes as example, represents and opens to public. It is sustainable and comfortable for users and still it is humble to the surrounding area.The location is as near as possible to Smíchov transportation hub. It makes this building one of the most strategic investments in Prague. The impact of this project has potential to vastly reorganize and improve south areas of Smíchov district. The long volumes of almost 180 metres are set up next to street Nádražní. The building creates metropolitan street with live and dynamic appearance. On the other side it reflects the characteristics of railways and its linearity. Two separately living worlds of city and railway bond together in one facade principle. Správa Železnic headquarters is designed as a new, friendly workspace, with high-end quality of inner environment. Using sustainable materials and representing future of social life in cities.


Prague, Czech Republic


Správa Železnic a.s.


Architectural competition (jury’s award)




Petr Šuma, Pavel Fajfr