Terminal Prague East

Terminal Prague East is important traffic hub for Czech Republic speed rail in close future. It saves time, environment and gives a new, highly effective alternative to buses and conventional trains. The terminal itself is representative and gives you a pleasure of journey. It blends with surrounding landscape.

Eastern gate of Prague serves to people of Czechia, Central Bohemian Region and abroad. It is simple, well organized and light. All passengers can safely reach their destination.

Terminal stands up in landscape as three small hills. It is inspired and designed by countryside and inside movement of passangers. The nature aspects are visible on the exterior and interior as well. Huge parking lots are organized to collect water for new trees. Possible areas for development are connected to railway corridor.

Comfort, enjoyment, landscape are the key features of this proposal.


Praha – Kleneč, Czech Republic


Správa Železnic a.s.


Architectural competition (jury’s award)




Pavel Fajfr, Tomáš Kroužil, Petr Šuma(2DR)